‘The Retirement Adviser’ is a specialist Independent Financial Adviser, established to advise Individual clients, Employers, Pension Trustees and Scheme Members to make the most of their pension funds either approaching or at retirement. We will get the top annuity rate or suitable alternative for you and your family.

We can offer advice in the following areas:

We have chosen to specialise in this key area of financial planning due to our extensive experience and qualifications in this crucial and complex area. We are dedicated to improving your retirement income for the rest of your life, to allow you to enjoy the longest holiday of your lifetime, knowing that you have maximised the income available from your hard-earned pension fund.

Under current legislation, pension benefits can normally be taken after age 55. When you begin thinking about taking your pension income you have an ever increasing number of questions to consider.

  • Do you require a lump sum in addition to an income? (A lump sum can now be taken after age 75, although careful consideration should be given to the death benefits after age 75)
  • What level of income do you require?
  • Should you consider a guaranteed income or one dependent on future investment performance?

This is just the beginning, with the list being almost endless. ‘The Retirement Adviser’ is here to guide you through these questions, to advise you on your options and to arrange the purchase of your retirement income. ‘The Retirement Adviser’ can be contacted Free on 0800 022 3103.



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