Pension Transfer & Consolidation

During most people‚Äôs working life they have a number of jobs and often a number of pension policies. Keeping many pension plans going can be time consuming and complicated and can lead to being exposed to higher charged contracts, a loss of investment opportunity and exposure to undue risk.

How can The Retirement Adviser help?

‘The Retirement Adviser’ can work together with you to consolidate your arrangements into one contract. We will look at the following for you:

  • A review of your existing plans
  • Current and required pension funding options
  • An investment strategy to suit your attitude to risk and retirement objectives

We will investigate your existing pension plans to establish vital information such as their charging structure, current investment strategy, penalties and any policy guarantees. We will then research the current market for you and provide you with a recommendation suitable to your objectives.

By consolidating your pension plans, we will aim to achieve the following:

  • Reduced Annual Management Charges
  • Regular Pension Fund statements
  • Maintenance of a suitable investment strategy

For further information and to discuss your options, please contact us on our FREE helpline 0800 022 3103.

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