Costs of our Services

Costs of our Services

We offer a range of services to help you meet your personal and financial objectives.  The amount we charge and the basis of payment will depend on the service you choose and your individual circumstances.  You will pay for our services by way of an Adviser Charge.


Our standard remuneration is by way of a deduction from the annuity purchase amount.  The amount we receive will vary depending on the amount used to purchase your retirement income and on the type of service used:

Conventional Annuity                            2% of the annuity purchase price

Medically Underwritten Annuity              3% of the annuity purchase price

These percentage are subject to a minimum deduction of £500 of the annuity purchase price.  We will take on the responsibility for all the research, investigation and paperwork/administration. 

If you choose not to proceed with our recommendation, we would make no charge. We are comfortable with this approach as a vast majority of our clients are very happy with our recommendation and the depth of our research, and proceed with us.

Income Drawdown and Alternative Options

For advice on Unsecured Pension products, you again will pay for our services by way of an Adviser Charge.  This may be arranged by either a 'time cost' or fixed basis, which will be discussed with your consultant prior to commencing any work.

Where a 'time cost' basis is used to calculate the cost, our typical hourly rates are as follows:



Specialist Advice




Research & Paraplanning


You are under no obligation to accept our recommendations.

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