Lifestyle, Enhanced & Impaired Annuities

If you suffer from any medical conditions or are a regular smoker, you could qualify for higher annuity rates with some providers.

Lifestyle, Enhanced & Impaired Annuities

Providers will take into account your current health and medical history or you being a regular smoker and offer an enhanced annuity rate by taking into account the effect on your life expectancy. In some instances, you can receive a significant increase in income.

Your existing provider may not always consider these options, which is why it is essential to take independent financial advice when taking your pension benefits.

Qualifying conditions often include Cancer, Stroke, Heart conditions and Diabetes. With some providers, a number of more minor conditions could qualify you for an enhanced annuity rate. You do not have to be severely ill to qualify for enhanced rates and the potential to achieve enhanced rates should not be overlooked.

If you are a regular smoker or believe you may be suffering from a medical condition that could affect your life expectancy, please speak to one of our experienced advisers. You may need to complete a short medical questionnaire to allow us to investigate this area for you. This could be the most important form you ever complete.

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